Need A Vacation? Abaco Island, Bahamas Is Where It’s At

Need A Vacation? Abaco Island, Bahamas Is Where It’s At

Need A Vacation? Abaco Island, Bahamas Is Where It’s At

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Abaco Island, Bahamas — Surprise of a lifetime.


Today’s post will give you a little insight into our awesome trip to Bahamas and a few pictures as well. For more pictures of the beauty and fun to be had on Abaco Island, take a look at my compilation video.


How It Began

When my cousin Amy told me she wanted to take me on a trip to Abaco Island, Bahamas as a birthday present, I thought I hadn’t heard her correctly. I’ve been on a few trips to Florida, and lots of places within my own province of Nova Scotia, but Bahamas?


I was shocked, excited, and couldn’t believe what she was saying.


It was a long two months, but before we knew it, there we were, setting off on our journey. We had a very interesting start, but that story is for another post.



51 Sunset Drive, Abaco Island, Bahamas — Our Final Destination

After three separate flights, we arrived at Marsh Harbour Airport, Bahamas.


Another cousin of mine, Leanne, was there to pick us up. We were beyond excited and this picture says it all.


Abaco Island, Bahamas


Leanne and her husband live in Canada, but own a home in the Bahamas. It is a sweet place on Abaco Island that they rent out to tourists. When Amy found out Leanne was going down in December, they decided it would be an awesome girl’s trip. I was happy to be a part of it.


Leanne, Amy and I were very close growing up and even lived together in university. As life often does, it took us in different directions. This trip was like travelling back in time. We knew it was going to be the best reunion imaginable — and how could a trip like this not be good for the soul?


Let me just say…


The house was stunning. Sporting two levels, with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, the living area was spacious. Not to mention, it had the most spectacular view one could dream of. Here is one of my favourite pictures, but if you want to see more, be sure to check out their facebook page, Abaco Bahamas.


Abaco Island Bahamas Beach View


When we booked our vacation, we knew we would have to pack in as much as we could in the time we had. We arrived late Friday evening and flew out early Monday morning. If you’re planning any kind of travel here, please know, two days in Bahamas is not enough! We will definitely be staying longer next time.


Despite our short stay we still discovered a few fun spots.


Three Hidden Gems on Abaco Island, Bahamas

Hidden Gem #1: The private beach


After about a two-minute walk from the house, we were nestled on this beautiful, vacant beach. Beach on both sides, for as far as the eye could see, we spent four hours lounging, laughing, and swimming.


We stumbled upon a private hut someone built, and here were a few signs they had posted. Aren’t they cute?

Private beach signs, Abaco Island, Bahamas


Private beach signs, Abaco Island, Bahamas



Private beach signs, Abaco Island, Bahamas


Even though it was sunny and warm on the beach, when it rains, it pours. Minutes after we got back from the beach, a rain shower was upon us. We were thankful we didn’t get caught in it. You’ll understand why if you checked out the compilation video.


After a relaxing day both inside and out, we headed off for an evening of music and dancing.


Hidden Gem #2: Snappas Chill and Grill

Snappas is a little restaurant located in Marsh Harbour, about a thirty minute drive from where we were staying.


From the outside it looked as though it may not exactly be a happening spot, but once we stepped inside, we were pleasantly surprised.


We were lucky enough to go on a Saturday night because they had live entertainment, and the dance floor was full the entire night. Speaking of the dance floor, think twice about wearing heels. Snappas is on the water’s edge so the flooring is basically a wooden wharf. We knew this ahead of time so we were prepared.


Not only did we enjoy great music and tasty drinks, but we also ate delicious finger foods (snappatizers) late into the evening. Although I am personally not a big fan of seafood, my two cousins were crazy for the conch fritters.


The next day we made plans for a boat trip to another little island called Great Guana Cay.


Hidden Gem #3: Nipper’s Beach Bar and Grill

My cousin Leanne promised us that we would head to Nipper’s during our stay, so on our last full day there, that was where we went.


In order to get to Nipper’s –located on Great Guana Cay– we had to take a boat.


The boat ride over was relaxing and exciting all at once. We were cruising in tropical waters, with the wind in our hair and more laughs than you can even imagine.


After arriving, we took a few pictures and headed straight for Nipper’s. Although is was chilly for most people that day, we were two days removed from Canadian winter snow, so we were in heaven.


Once there, we grabbed a bite to eat. The food was tasty. It only took us ordering one drink to figure out that not only were they reasonably priced, but the bartenders pour quite liberally.


Drinks in hand, we hit the dance floor and didn’t leave it until our boat ride back to Marsh Harbour arrived.


We were sad to leave the fun we were having, but we also knew the next day would be full of lengthy travel. We decided Nipper’s would be at the top of the list for our next Bahamas trip.


Although our vacation was fast and furious, visiting Bahamas was rejuvenating, relaxing and good for the soul. During our next visit we plan to swim with the pigs. Leanne has a clip of that on her Abaco Bahamas Facebook page. If you want to see that video or get more information on how you can rent this beautiful place and discover more gems on Abaco Island, be sure to check them out.


Leave a comment if you’ve discovered any hidden gems on Abaco Island, Bahamas, or any vacation spot you’ve visited. I can’t wait to hear about them.



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