Honey, I Shrunk the Colony — From Army to Soldier, Ants Be Gone

Honey, I Shrunk the Colony — From Army to Soldier, Ants Be Gone

Honey, I Shrunk the Colony — From Army to Soldier, Ants Be Gone

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I hope I’m not dating myself too much here, but do you remember the movie Honey I Shrunk the Kids? Well, if you do and you fell in love with ants because the story turned you into a believer that ants could save your life, or somehow they were creatures that should go unharmed, then you may want to stop here. But if you hate ants as much as the next person, read on


As if having a phobia of ants as a little girl growing up wasn’t bad enough, I just so happened to move into a subdivision that is pretty much one big anthill. So yeah, I continue to be turned off by ants. The problem is, year after year, they find their way into the tiny cracks and crevices of our home and it’s become such a nuisance that I’ve researched every possible way to get rid of ants.


While it’s true I’ve found one type of commercial ant bait that has worked okay, I’ve also found a concoction that’s easy to prepare at home and works really well! You’ve likely experimented with ideas yourself if you’ve been invaded by the annoying ant tribes too, but in the event that you are still seeking solutions, keep reading.


This recipe is so simple I had to laugh when I discovered it. Be forewarned: I’ve heard others claim this didn’t work, but it’s been a no-fail for me so far and I’m pretty confident the key is mixing the proper ratio.


Ants don’t make me happy, but getting rid of them sure does, so I hope if you’re feeling the desperate invasion of an army of tiny ants, that you’ll have the same success as I did! These are the steps I follow, and they’re super easy.


No More Ants: Ingredients For Your Homemade Bait


The only ingredients you need are Borax, Sugar and Water. Yup, that’s it! If you’re not sure exactly what Borax is — aside from just learning it is going to make your ant infestation a thing of the past — it is also a laundry detergent. So, once the ants are gone, you can use it in the wash. We even use it for our slime recipes. Multipurpose item, really, so seriously, how can you go wrong? And yes, you’ll find it in the laundry detergent section. The important thing is that the box reads 20 MULE.


You can also find it on Amazon which is good because sometimes it can be hard to find in your local grocery store.

What you’ll need…


  • 1/4 cup Borax
  • 3/4 cup sugar
  • Warm water to blend (no specific amount)
  • Tin foil/cotton balls/plastic container covers (optional)


Side note: If you substitute Borax with regular laundry detergent, I cannot be held responsible for your behavior. And let’s face it, even if Borax doesn’t work, I still can’t be held responsible, but I have yet to be disappointed myself, so just grab yourself some Borax already.


Side note part 2: Long ago I had heard Borax was a good ant killer and ended up pouring it everywhere I saw ants coming in. I shook the box near empty! I even sat there and watched the ants as they moved in on it. (the anticipation was almost too much — I was much too excited). The funny thing was, the ants marched straight to it, and as fast as my excitement came, it left even faster.


Wait, what?


Are the ants walking through it?


They did everything but eat it. And, the ants never left! In fact, it just seemed as though they were oblivious to the bait and the ants continued to come in tribes. I won’t even joke — I could not sleep at night. Why wasn’t this working?


Remember what I said before, the key is in the ratio. What I had done was simply chuck a little Borax from the box and waited. Learn from my mistake. Don’t do what I did.


So that, my friend, is why you need so much sugar. You don’t need to follow the exact recipe I gave you but the important thing is, whatever you do, you make sure it is a 3:1 ratio. Three being sugar, one being Borax. And hey, don’t worry, it’s not too much sugar! Ants LOVE sugar! They will eat it! And in it they will consume the Borax, too!


The Specifics of the Recipe


  1. In a bowl, mix your sugar and Borax, whatever amounts you choose, so long as the ratio is 3:1.
  2. I like to mix the dry ingredients around a little before adding water just to make sure it’s mixed in well.
  3. Add small amounts of hot water until it’s a pasty mess. Don’t make it too runny.
  4. Now the choice is yours, really. It’s a super-sticky mess you’ve got on your hands so you won’t want to slap it on your floor or window sills because it’ll be a major clean-up job for you later.


There are a few ways you can place this around your home:

∼ Soak cotton balls in the mix and set them around the outside

∼ Use tin foil, creating a crevice to pour the solution in, and then place it where ants are invading — my personal favorite!

∼ Use plastic covers to butter containers (or whatever) and fill them with the solution and place them near hot spots.


Now, I like making lots of solution! I place these little food traps everywhere I can think of and then if I have any left over, I go on an anthill hunt. When I find one, I scoop the sweet treat right into their entrance and move on to the next, until my solution is gone.


If ants are invading and you need some relief, I hope this is a hit. Comment below and tell me if this worked for you, and sign up to have updates come straight to your inbox.


Looking for another use for that Borax? Look no further than this slime recipe.


Until next time… Remember, life is what you make it. Take lots of pictures.

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