Canada 150 Years — Cheers to a Century and a Half!

Canada 150 Years — Cheers to a Century and a Half!

Canada 150 Years — Cheers to a Century and a Half!

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Well, of all days to rain, today was not exactly the day I was hoping Mother Nature would choose. Canada 150 is a pretty big deal. A birthday marking a century and a half certainly calls for a big celebration.


Each year on Canada Day we go to a local park to celebrate and this year, it would be no different. The kids always have a ball, and the highlight is always the giant soap slide!


Last year they opened up a new splash pad which was a huge hit as well because we don’t have those around here. Needless to say, the kids were super pumped to celebrate Canada Day this year — until we heard the weather forecast.


As disappointing as it was to hear of the four-day rainfest, we decided we weren’t going to let it get us down. Canada was turning 150 whether the sun decided to shine or not, and whether we decided to pout or just enjoy our day as it came. So, we did just that!


Instead of canceling, the Village of New Minas decided to move the outdoor celebrations, usually held in the park, to the indoor facility on the property. Despite the rain causing grumpy people to be even more grumpy, I want to share all the positive encounters we discovered on the inside, where the sun was truly shining if you chose to let it.


As we ran from the car to the front doors, rain pouring down, we were greeted with the smiling faces of several people who organized the celebrations. We were told that the opening ceremonies were just beginning and we could head upstairs for something to eat. We were pleasantly surprised by several things throughout the afternoon. Check it out below!


During our Canada 150 visit we were offered:


  • Free hot dogs, juice, water and even Jones soda — which was very exciting for the girls as they don’t get to drink that very often!

Livie enjoyed stopping for a bite to eat.

Happy Birthday Canada, Canada 150


  • Free bouncy kingdoms for the kids to play in; one a Cars theme, the other Princess.

 Tiawna and Liv patiently waited their turn.

Happy Birthday Canada, Canada 150


  • Free local talent, singing on stage.


  • Free games and access within the gymnasium for kids to play and burn their energy.

We weren’t letting the rain get us down.

Happy Birthday Canada, Canada 150


The girls worked up such a sweat they needed to take a break in the gym.

Happy Birthday Canada, Canada 150



  • Free face painting for the kids.

Livie decided on the owl…

Happy Birthday Canada, Canada 150


…and Tiawna went for a butterfly.

Happy Birthday Canada, Canada 150


  • Free Canada tattoos for kids.


  • Free balloon animals and Canada balloons.

The girls were excited to have their picture taken in Sobeys’ huge red chair. With balloons in hand and smiling faces, they were having a blast.

Happy Birthday Canada, Canada 150


  • Free Canadian maple leaf shaped cookies (which, by the way, were delicious!)

Happy Birthday Canada, Canada 150



  • Free reusable Canada 150 bags from Sobeys.

Who could say no to a bag like this? Thanks Sobeys!

Happy Birthday Canada, Canada 150


Canada 150 was still a day to remember.


I know I’m probably forgetting something, but as you can see, there was a pretty common theme… everything was free! Of course, there can always be something for someone to complain about, and on a day like today where the rain came down not only for the entire day, but basically the whole weekend, I understand how it could be difficult to not let it get you down.


But it’s times like this we need to shift perspectives. When you look at the time, effort, energy and money that people put in setting this day up for a success, I, for one, am so grateful they still decided to make it work as best they could, despite the rain. You know, there is always a silver lining, sometimes you just have to look a little harder to see it. Be that person who looks for the silver lining.


Are you looking for a silver lining? Could you use more gratitude in your life? If so, join me in the 15-Day Happy Challenge. Don’t forget to check out more of our local travel adventures, like our trip to Halifax’s Discovery Centre or Upper Clements Park.


Hopefully next year we will be able to enjoy the soap slide once again.


Until next time… Remember, life is what you make it. Take lots of pictures.


Here’s to you, Canada!


Canada 150






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