Learning Through Play ~ Discovery Centre, Halifax

Learning Through Play ~ Discovery Centre, Halifax

Learning Through Play ~ Discovery Centre, Halifax

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What’s better than having your kids learn without even realizing it? It’s when they beg you to stay and play even longer. If you’re looking for this kind of experience then the Discovery Centre in Halifax, NS is the place for you.


Although Halifax isn’t really that far away, we don’t visit very often. When we do, we try to make a day of it and that’s exactly what we did today.


The Discovery Centre


Our first stop was The Discovery Centre, and what a time we had. Initially, we paid for two-hour parking. Because there was so much fun and excitement to be had inside, we quickly realized a two-hour limit was a big mistake, so we paid for two more.


The Discovery Centre is now in it’s new location on Water Street and when we entered, we found there were four floors to explore. Ground zero held the dinosaur exhibit so we started there. There were interactive displays everywhere. You even feel like you are roaming with the dinosaurs in one of the exhibits.


Girls with dinosaurs T-Rex at Discovery Centre


Next, we stopped at the Innovative Lab. The girls played with circuits and discovered how to make them light up. Afterwards, we headed to the second floor. There were tons of galleries about energy, health and light. Each gallery had an interactive component which kept the girls engaged, and they were even able to get inside of a plane and pretend to be pilots.


After that, we were off to the third floor. As we went up the stairs, we heard music every time we took a step. Yes, that’s right. They have musical stairs and the fun playing music could have been endless.


We spent most of our time here on the upper floor and we could have probably stayed even longer. The bubble exhibit was a highlight of our trip. In this room you could wrap yourself in bubbles, blow huge bubbles from a very large bubble wand, or simply just pop the bubbles that were blowing everywhere. It is amazing how much fun bubbles can be.

Blowing Bubbles at Discovery Centre


Blowing Bubbles at Discovery Centre


After the bubble blowing was done, we went to the recording studio. The girls played drums, tambourines, maracas, and more. I’m pretty sure they were new-band material. I was pretty impressed.


Next we moved to the grocery store, where the girls played for almost an hour. The bought groceries and stocked shelves. They milked a cow at the farm on the other side of the store. They even dug potatoes and sold them to the grocery store.


Once the grocery store filled up with other kids and there wasn’t a lot of space to move, we finally went down the stairs for more musical fun.


As we reached main lobby on the first floor a young scientist asked us if we wanted to see something really neat. Of course, this piqued our interest and we said yes. What came next was an awesome science experiment. It was definitely intriguing. We watched as a flower was dipped into liquid nitrogen. The scientist asked the audience what they thought was going to happen. Most people got the answer correct, as they thought the flower would freeze, however, not only did it freeze, it also crumbled into tiny pieces as soon as it was touched.


After the experiment was over, we went ahead and bought tickets for a show in the Dome Theatre, since the timing was right. The film was called We Are Stars and it was amazing. We felt as if we were a part of the show while sitting under the dome as the show played above our heads. We Are Stars was about the Big Bang Theory and the best part was, while the information was full of scientific terminology, it was geared toward children in an exciting and enthusiastic way.


To The Waterfront


When the show was over it was time to leave the Discovery Centre. Since we still had time on our parking ticket, we went for a walk along the waterfront. Lunch was at the top of our list, so we did that first. Next stop was for ice cream and Beaver Tails. Shaped like a beaver tail and made of whole-wheat pastry, Beaver Tails are absolutely delicious. Here is an Oreo Beaver Tail.

Beaver Tail

A giant wave sculpture can be found on the waterfront and boy, is it popular. Kids were climbing on top of it, despite signs warning against it, and kids were hanging out underneath it for shade from the scorching sun. It was a definite attraction.


Wave Halifax Sculpture


By this time, it was late afternoon and time to go home. Two of the three girls fell asleep on the drive home; a sign of the busy day we had. The beautiful Valley scene is my favourite part of coming home.

Valley View leaving Discovery Centre


We were completely exhausted by the time we got home, but the day was so worth it. Kids can learn so much just by simple experiences and outings like the one we had today. I love when they don’t even realize how much they are learning because they are too busy playing.


I can’t wait to hear where you go to play, but get educated at the same time. Leave it in the comments below.


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Until next time… Remember: Life is what you make it. Take lots of pictures.

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