Easy Halloween DIYs (Bats, Floating Ghosts and Glowing Tin Messages)

Easy Halloween DIYs (Bats, Floating Ghosts and Glowing Tin Messages)

Easy Halloween DIYs (Bats, Floating Ghosts and Glowing Tin Messages)

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Halloween is coming and if your kids are anything like mine, they love to decorate and create fun crafts. We’ve been having fun creating unicorn pumpkins, and unicorn meringue kisses, but today we’re moving away from unicorns. Today’s post will give you directions to three easy Halloween DIYs with items you probably have hanging around your house anyway. Check out the fun we had creating these DIYs, in full action.


We were so inspired when we were looking for easy Halloween crafts, that we decided to try some of our own.


Pssst… Although all three crafts are really fun, I’ve saved the best for last. It’s super cute and you won’t be disappointed.


Easy Halloween DIYs: Craft #1


Egg Carton Bats.


Find three Halloween DIYs that don't cost a lot of money and are easy to do with kids. Try out the bat, the tin can message, the floating ghost, or all 3!



Materials You’ll Need:

Egg carton


Black paint

Paint brush

Googly eyes



Grab an empty egg carton and split it in two sections. Now that you have your sections, spit them in two again, so you’re left with four sections. Each section should have a row of three ‘bumps.’ These bumps will act as the body (middle) and the wings (each side) of your bat.


You may want to cut the carton on the wing section so they create a point, to look more realistic. We didn’t do this step until after we painted and it got pretty messy, so ours aren’t as pointy as they should be.


Cut the wing section to your design preference, or even leave them as they are. Either way, they’re still pretty cute.


Next you’ll want to paint the entire bat black. We painted the outside first and then the inside. This gets messy, so you might want to help out if you’re doing this with kids.


Of course, you don’t need to paint the inside if you don’t want to, but if you plan on hanging them up, it’s probably the best idea.


While you’re waiting for these to dry, you might want to try out another one of the Halloween DIYs listed. If you’re impatient, try a hair blower to speed up the drying process.


Once your bat is completely dry, glue on your googly eyes. If you don’t have these handy, simply cut out eyes from white paper and colour in a black pupil.


Poke two holes in the top of the middle bump and feed your twine through. Give yourself a decent amount of string to work with, tie a knot in the end, and hang your bat. If you don’t have twine, your bat will still make a cute decoration anywhere around your house.


As you can see from the picture, we decided to create two bats, but you can make up to four bats with just one egg carton. Be creative and try to make each one different.


Easy Halloween DIYs: Craft #2


Glowing Tins


Easy Halloween DIYs for kids


Easy Halloween DIYs for kids



Materials You’ll Need

Tin cans of any size (soup cans for small, coffee cans for large)

A nail

A hammer

Black paint

Paint brush

Small light-up candle (battery operated) or flashlight.


This glowing tin is super easy and really quick.


Empty any size tin can you have. The bigger the can, the easier it is to work with.


Write a word in marker along the can. We used BOO. You can use words like TRICK or TREAT, WITCH, or HALLOWEEN.


All you need to do from here is take a nail and gently hammer until a small hole is created. Dot along each letter, making small holes close to one another, until each letter is outlined.


Please note: as you can see in our image, we created bubble letters. This is because we used a coffee can that was actually made from cardboard. As we started poking holes, the cardboard began to cave in. Bubble letters worked best for us, but if you’re using a tin can, the dotted-hole method will work best.


Finally, place a small battery operated candle or flashlight inside and place the lid back on. Put it outside on Halloween night for everyone to see.



Easy Halloween DIYs: Craft #3



Materials you’ll need


Styrofoam ball (or small bouncy ball)

2L Pop bottle

Wire or kabob sticks

Liquid starch

Spray bottle



This is such a cute project to do. The materials required may not all be found in your home, but they are well worth the small price to pay.


You’ll need to first create the base for your ghost. You can see this under our ghost in the picture above.


Take your pop bottle and poke holes into the side. If you’re using wire, bend the wire into position. These will act as your arms. If you’re using sticks, snap them gently, so they don’t break off, but bend slightly to give it some form.


You’ll want to place them high enough so they look like they’re placed where its arms should be.


Now place your ball on top of your 2L bottle (make sure you remove the cap). If you use a styrofoam ball you can push it onto the mouth of the bottle. If you’re using a bouncy ball you’ll have to tape the ball to the bottle (this will be tricky).


Now take your cheesecloth and gently drape it over the head and cover the bottle completely. You’ll want to leave a small bunch of cheesecloth at the bottom.


This will help it stand up on its own when you remove the base later.


Move the cheesecloth around the arms and head to make sure it is shaped in a way you are happy with.


Spray the ghost completely. Don’t be shy. The starch will make the cheesecloth ‘stick’ into place, so make sure you cover every possible inch.


Your best bet is to let your ghost dry overnight. You can speed up the process by using a hair dryer, but the cheesecloth holds best when it dries naturally overnight.


While your ghost is drying, cut out eyes and a mouth using your black felt and glue them on.


Although you can leave the interior body if you wish, the idea is to take the cheesecloth off of the bottle (once it is completely dry) and your ghost will appear to be floating.


The image above shows you both options.


It’s super cute, either way you do it. So have fun, and get creative.


Please note: when you’re trying to remove the cheesecloth, you’ll need to go very slow. It will stick to the plastic bottle, as well as the ball. You’ll want your ghost to keep its form as best you can, so be gentle. You may need to fix things up but if you’re careful, the cheesecloth will stand on its own when all is said and done.


Need more Halloween DIYs?


If you’re looking for more Halloween DIYs why not try our Unicorn Pumpkin? Or, if you prefer a visual step-by-step, we’ve done that too.

Don’t forget to leave me a comment in the section below. Tell me which one of the crafts you tried out for yourself. If you tried more than one, let me know which was your favourite.



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