Challenge 2 – If You Capture it and Share it Happiness Will Follow

Challenge 2 – If You Capture it and Share it Happiness Will Follow

Challenge 2 – If You Capture it and Share it Happiness Will Follow

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Welcome to Day 2: Happy Challenge


First off, I want to apologize if you tried to leave a comment yesterday and the option wasn’t there. It is fixed now, so please take a moment and to write me a note if you can. You’ll find the link at the bottom of the page.


Today’s challenge is another easy one. Well, I shouldn’t assume yesterday was easy. If you read my letter on yesterday’s post, you know that it wasn’t really easy for me because there is a little bit of guilt associated with it. And, if you’re finding yourself in the same boat, I want to say, you’ve gotta move on. I mean that as kindly, but firmly as possible.


This is the thing. Only you have the power to control how you let things make you feel. So, if yesterday’s assignment pulled at your heartstrings, that’s ok. Being happy is also about being real. It’s also about feeling all other emotions, but realizing that you can be in complete control of your own happiness by not allowing negative emotions to overpower you. Please don’t misunderstand, the feeling of sadness, for example, is not negative, but when we allow the focus to remain there, that is when we risk it becoming a negative in our lives.


As we move through this 15-Day challenge, hopefully you will begin to realize how to gain control of ‘your own happy’ if you feel that is an area where you struggle. But I digress. So on to today’s assignment. Or, I guess I should say, challenge.


Today you are going to take pictures of things that make you happy. Pretty simple, huh? Unless of course, you don’t have a camera, but remember, no excuses, just opportunities. But more on that in a minute.


Your goal should be a minimum of five pictures. And it’s okay if what makes you happy today, might not be what makes you happy tomorrow (if you have a spouse, children or animals, you know likely know what I’m saying — I’m totally kidding).  Just take the pictures, already.


Back to obstacles. Don’t allow yourself to give in to obstacles. There is always a choice and it is important for you to recognize that right away if you want to be successful throughout this 15-day journey. If you face something you view as an obstacle, it is important for you to decide first how to problem solve it. So, if you’re finding yourself without a camera and figure you’ll pass on today’s assignment, you need to rewire your thinking. If you’re problem solving the situation, you might say to yourself, “Why not draw the pictures instead?” This would be a fantastic idea. And no, “I don’t know how to draw,” is not allowed. It’s not about being an artist, it is about you doing something positive and getting your mind to work in the direction you want to live your life. Destination: Happy, right? But you already knew that.


My Happy Pictures


Here are a few pictures of things that make me happy. Although I could go on for days with pictures, I don’t want to bog down the loading time on this webpage for you, so I’m going to limit mine to just three. But don’t YOU do that. Five is not a lot to ask for.


Now, I could show you pictures of my family, because they are who make me the most happy, but I’m not going to do that because that is a given. I’m going to show you a few other things that maybe not everyone would consider top happiness-creators, but at this time in my life, there are reasons I’ve captured them as my happy-place creators.


Challenge 2 Mini tomatoes


These are my mini tomatoes and this is why they make me happy. I have never been much of a gardener. This year I decided to grow what I like to call, my Deck Garden. I purchased a bunch of pots and soil, seeds and plants, and got to planting. I don’t know what inspired me to do it, but I grew potted strawberries, snow peas (those were a flop, and may be for another story), peppers and mini tomatoes. I’m proud of everything in my little garden, but I decided to take a picture of these because they’re so darn cute. Yes, I am that person; cute things make me happy. Anyway, I check these minis every day, patiently waiting for the tiniest hint of orange. I could eat an entire box of these in one sitting, so I am pretty excited they are healthy and growing.


Challenge 2 Beautiful Gardens

This makes me happy because I feel fortunate to live in a place where you can find beautiful gardens to walk through and enjoy, within a short distance.


I couldn’t take a picture of my quiet, sleeping house, and I could take a picture of the crisp morning air, so I decided to take a picture of my morning coffee. That always makes me pretty happy.


Alright, so now it’s time to get on with your own happy assignment. Once you’re finished, as a happy-bonus, you should share your pictures with someone else. Oh, and tell them why these things make you happy. Do it privately, share it on Social Media, whatever.


Now that comments are back up and running, I would love to hear about something you took a picture of today and why it brings you happiness. See you in the comments section, and until then…


Remember: Life is what you make it. Take lots of pictures.


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