Challenge 11: You Know What They Say: Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

Challenge 11: You Know What They Say: Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

Challenge 11: You Know What They Say: Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

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Welcome to Day 11


How did the singing go yesterday? I hope you had fun, but you may just need to pull out the tune once more, because today — well today, we dance. Understand that it doesn’t matter whether or not you can really dance. That is truly beside the point. All that matters, is that you move your body in any way you want while you listen to a groovin’ tune. Make sure it has a good beat and makes you feel happy because, let’s face it, sad country love songs are probably not going to be your best choice here.  Save those for another day.


What exactly does it look like to dance?


Well, since dancing is the challenge of the day, your goal is simply to put a little hop in your step everywhere you go. You might dance on your way to the bathroom (sometimes I think we all do this anyway).


You might go for a walk and dance along instead of walk. Will others watch you? Yup. Will you feel silly? Maybe. Will you put a smile on someone’s face? For sure. Will others wonder what’s making you dance everywhere you go? Absolutely. So, why not? Happiness is contagious. Why not spread it?


You might put the tunes on in your living room and just have a dance par-taaaay.


You might crank the music and decide to clean, yet dance with the broom while you’re at it.


You might have to drive somewhere today. Turn on the music and ‘chair dance.’ Do this especially as you sit idle at a drive-thru or red light. People will watch you and wonder why you’re so happy. I do it all the time, and sometimes even wave and smile. Seriously. Give it a try.


Did you know…

Just like singing, dancing also has positive effects on your mood, and studies all over the world tend to yield the same findings. Dancing has even become a part of therapy for Parkinson’s patients because of its effects. To read about all sorts of findings, check out this post by Jeanne Simpson at Nokia Health.


We didn’t need a challenge to get us dancing today, as it’s a part of daily life around here it seems. We found ourselves car-seat dancing at one point today and couldn’t stop laughing. My girls love to dance in our living room.


Dance like nobody's watching


I try to catch it on video when I can.



Wherever you go today, remember to put a spring in your step. It doesn’t mean you have to dance the day away — although that kind of sounds like fun — but when it pops into your mind, give a little shuffle, or a full on Boogy. Make others smile. And if they ask you what the heck you’re doing, send them here. We all deserve happiness. So today, choose to dance.


Comment below what kind of dancer you are. Are you the quiet indoor shuffler, or the let-me-tango-and-who-cares-who-sees-me type? I can’t wait to hear.


Until next time… dance like nobody’s watching.

Remember: Life is what you make it. Take lots of pictures.


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