Challenge 12 – Random Acts of Kindness Impact More Than You Know

Challenge 12 – Random Acts of Kindness Impact More Than You Know

Challenge 12 – Random Acts of Kindness Impact More Than You Know

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Welcome to Day 12


Although challenge 10 and challenge 11 are already completed, I hope you’ll continue to sing and dance throughout your days. It’s great to do something good to boost your own happiness. Today we’re going to boost it in a different way though. Have you ever read the book, How Full Is Your Bucket? by Tom Rath and Mary Reckmeyer?


If you haven’t, and especially if you have children, you should. It has a wonderful message, and we actually have two copies in our house. The basic concept is this: The better someone feels, the fuller their bucket. When someone’s bucket is empty, and you help to fill it, yours actually fills up, too.


To piggyback on that idea, comes today’s challenge. Today you will commit to doing a random act of kindness. Although the book I mentioned isn’t focused on random acts, that is what we’re going to try out today.


I know you might be thinking, like what? Well, consider the following, but also get creative and take some time to think about your own options, abilities and connections.


Possible Acts of Kindness


  • Pay for someone behind you at the drive-thru
  • Go to a store and push shopping carts to their proper place
  • Mow a neighbour’s lawn
  • Pick up garbage along any street
  • The options are endless, and depending on where you live, you may need to get a little creative, but that just goes along with the challenge for the day.


What next?


After you have a few ideas, or found you’ve decided on your act, then go ahead and get it done. An act of kindness, is an act of kindness, and I don’t want to take anything away from that. However, today your challenge is going to include the fact that nobody should really know you’ve done what you’ve done. At the very least, give your best attempt to have nobody know. Today is not about the recognition kind acts bring.  Don’t get me wrong, I totally get how being recognized for doing something wonderful is a real ego booster, but that is not what we’re going for this time around.  This is about the inner you, and creating habits and change. It is about feeling good about yourself, simply because you did something for someone else, not because another person gave you praise.


My Story:


Last summer I was taking a course to finish up my master’s program and was traveling to a school each morning for class. This one particular morning wasn’t going the greatest. My youngest daughter, Liv, was upset I was leaving and hugging me like it was nobody’s business. In a last ditch effort to finally get out of the house, on time, (yeah, you can laugh here now if you’ve ever tried that and failed because you’re a parent, too), I agreed to one last hug. As I tried to lift Liv off of the stool she sat on at the island, it somehow tipped over and landed right on the top of my foot. I was sure it was broken, it came down with such force.


With flip-flops on because no shoe had enough room for the immediate swelling that was caused from the impact, I left for school, hobbling.


In usual fashion, I stopped at McDonalds to get my morning coffee, in pain, but thankful that it was my right foot, as I drive a standard and I was sure my foot could have never managed the drive there if it’d been my left. I ordered my coffee and was given my total. I grabbed for my change and pulled ahead to the first window, where the lady informed me that the person ahead paid for my coffee. Say, what?


Coffee random acts of kindness happy challenge 12


This would have been excellent any day of the week, but this day — this particular day — well, I was just so grateful. You see, it wasn’t what was done, but it was how it made me feel. $1.75 for a coffee — big deal, right? But the fact that someone just decided to pay, not knowing me, and certainly not knowing the situation of my hectic morning just a half hour before, made it that much more meaningful.


If you’re wondering, yes, since then, I have gone on to pass along similar acts of kindness. And I hope that your acts will inspire others to do the same thing. So, you can see, that it’s not about spending money, but rather about being thoughtful. You never know what someone is dealing with or how a simple little act that might seem insignificant to you, could impact someone’s world and have them talking about it to others years later.


As always, I would love for you to share what you did. It truly helps inspire others, so I thank you for sharing.

Until next time…

Remember: Life is what you make it. Take lots of pictures.

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