Challenge 13 – When Did You Last Treat Yourself To A Bath?

Challenge 13 – When Did You Last Treat Yourself To A Bath?

Challenge 13 – When Did You Last Treat Yourself To A Bath?

This post may contain affiliate links. Please see disclosure policy for details.

This post may contain affiliate links. Please see Disclosure Policy for details.


Welcome to Day 13


It’s hard to believe Day 15 is only around the corner. I hope you have enjoyed your journey to a happier you and have embraced the challenges coming at you. I think you’ll find today’s challenge an easy one. Or at the very least, a relaxing one. Today you are going to have a bath.


You may want to consider cleaning your tub first, or even your entire bathroom for that matter. A fresh, clean atmosphere, will definitely help to set the scene for a happy mind. But you already know that from your tidying spree the other day.


There has been much research done on what causes happiness, and although bathing doesn’t exactly equal happiness, several studies confirm what Psychology Today claims: that providing yourself with regular small pleasures (bathing is an example they actually use) does in fact lead to claims of a more satisfied life.


Bath Time:


Once you’re ready, dim the lights or light some candles, grab the bubble bath, epsoms salts, or bath bombs (I often make my own but they never turn out this beautiful) then put on some music, and go all out.


Now you might be thinking that you stumbled across the wrong post, as this doesn’t really seem like much of a challenge but rather sounds a little more on the romantic side, but trust me, it will be relaxing. It’s no secret that a relaxed mind is a happy mind, and hey, if including someone in this challenge is your way to relax your mind, then who am I to stop you? And because we should probably keep the comments as clean as your tub (providing you followed the challenge outline) then just leave an adjective in the comments below describing how your mind felt after you were able to relax.


While you’re relaxing though, reflect on the last 12 days. Think about what you’ve enjoyed, think about how you may have been challenged to get out of your comfort zone, and think about what you’ve liked most about this journey so far. You may even want to read in the bath or fall asleep. Whatever relaxes you the most, just enjoy.


Until next time…

Remember: Life is what you make it. Take lots of pictures.

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