Challenge 14 – Exercise Has Too Many Benefits Not To Do It

Challenge 14 – Exercise Has Too Many Benefits Not To Do It

Challenge 14 – Exercise Has Too Many Benefits Not To Do It

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Welcome to Day 14


I don’t know if you knew this one would be on the list or not, but it will probably come as no surprise. Today’s challenge will be about you getting exercise. Now, you don’t need me to tell you exercise is good for your health. In the event you need a reminder or a little reassurance, you can take a look at what Today’s Wellness magazine has to say. There are tons of studies that confirm exercise is good for not only the body, but also the brain. So, if you were hoping there might be a way out of this one, I’m here to tell you, there isn’t.


Now, you may be the type of person who exercises regularly, and that is great. The one thing I will challenge you to is this: Try to do something new. So, if you walk every day, try an intense cardio workout.  If you go to the gym and lift weights every day, try yoga.  Yes, yoga. Just do your best to switch it up.


When you do this, it not only provides you with a challenge, but also the opportunity to have a laugh on yourself, and that’s healthy, too. If you really want to put a twist on things, find other ways to liven up the workout you’ve chosen. Many of us don’t always look forward to an intense workout, but if you try to have a little fun with it, it really makes it easier.  Oh, and if you can get a partner in crime, then you might really be setting yourself up for a hoot.


In all seriousness, partners are great if you find you want to commit to a workout routine. It’s all about accountability, really, and when someone else is depending on you, you’re more likely to commit. Try to grab a partner, friend, child, or animal, and get them in on your exercise for the day. You never know, by switching it up, you might just find yourself loving something new. Let me know how you tried to change up your exercise choice in the comments below.


Until next time…

Remember: Life is what you make it. Take lots of pictures.


Happy Challenge Day 13

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