Challenge 15 – Do Funny Videos Make You Laugh?

Challenge 15 – Do Funny Videos Make You Laugh?

Challenge 15 – Do Funny Videos Make You Laugh?

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Welcome to Day 15


Congratulations! You made it. Can you believe it’s Day 15 already? Today is definitely bitter-sweet for me. How about you? I am sad that today is the last day of this journey. But, I am grateful you have allowed me to enter your life these past 2 weeks, and that you’ve embraced the daily challenges like a trooper. I hope you’ve had fun, and I truly hope each day has brought you happiness and insight.


Our final day is likely the toughest one of the journey. You know the saying, laughter is the best medicine? Well, we’re headed in that direction today, so here were go. As usual, if you want more scientific information than I can give you on the correlation between laughter and happiness, check out Psychology Today’s findings.


Today your challenge is to create a funny video. No really, I mean it. You’re not funny, you say? You’re too shy, you claim? That’s just not you?  By now you don’t need me to remind you about obstacles and making excuses. So, I know you’re just going to go ahead and create that video, right? 


But of course, we’re friends here and I would never make you do something you just didn’t want to do. (Although moving out of your comfort zone is when the most growth takes place, in case you didn’t know). The important thing is that you laugh at something. So if creating your own video is out of the question, at the very least, choose to watch a funny video. Let’s keep it real here though. Don’t just opt for watching a video simply because you’re too lazy. Nobody has to see the video, but trust me, if you create it with others and share it with others you’re only spreading the laughter and happiness — that can only be a good thing, right?  


If you need a little motivation, take a look at the video I created with my cousin. We are silly whenever we get together, so we thought we might as well share it with the rest of the world. Let’s agree that you’re only going to choose the second option of watching a funny video if, and only if, you really can’t choose the first.  


Remember: you are here for the challenge. You can do it. Oh, and even when you do choose the first option, I still want you to watch the funny video. The more you laugh, the better you feel.  Get to it.  I can’t wait to hear how you made out.


Oh, and thank you so much for sticking to the challenge. It has been so much fun, and I truly hope you found happiness somewhere along the way. If you were inspired throughout the challenge and feel like someone else could benefit from the process, tell them sign up on the main page and I’ll personally send the challenges to them each day if they want.


Until next time…

Remember: Life is what you make it. Take lots of pictures.


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