Challenge 4: Sometimes Messy Can Be Fun: Let’s Jump in Puddles

Challenge 4: Sometimes Messy Can Be Fun: Let’s Jump in Puddles

Challenge 4: Sometimes Messy Can Be Fun: Let’s Jump in Puddles

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Welcome to Day 4 – Happy Challenge


I hope creating your list of ten items yesterday didn’t stress you out too much. I also hope you were able to easily give a reason for each item on your list and maybe even share it with someone else. Are you wondering if I’m going to have you jumping in puddles, after reading the title? That will be up to you, but first, read on.


I’ve been having you do a bunch of writing the past few days, so today I am totally taking it easy on you. Don’t misunderstand, there are some challenging days coming up, but today will be a pretty easy assignment.


Today you’re going to get outside. I know that sounds silly, but hear me out. In the summer I like to get out and check my garden. It’s fun to watch food grow before my very eyes. I actually don’t mind mowing the lawn, either. It looks so clean when it’s done. I also enjoy watching the girls jump on the trampoline — after yesterday’s list, you already know this, though.


Ok, so I think you get the picture. Today isn’t just about going outside and saying, “Done.” It’s about doing something outside that you enjoy. Maybe it’s relaxing on a deck, maybe it’s something I mentioned above, maybe it’s going for a walk. Whatever it is, do it. While you’re doing it, try to think about the past few days you have been on this journey. Think about that letter, those pictures, all the things you’ve listed, or perhaps could add to your list.


And remember those obstacles? You’re going to see a general theme continue to pop up here, so you probably won’t be surprised to hear me say, no excuses allowed. This means you have to redirect your thinking if you find yourself thinking, I don’t like to go outside. Or, if it’s raining, still get outside. Maybe you could jump in a puddle or dance in the rain. Who cares if it’s silly or messy? It’s all about perspective, and messy can be fun. It puts a smile on my face just thinking of you getting out and doing it. Keep telling yourself, no excuses. And you know what? If you’re already an outdoor-sy kind of person, try to do something to liven the challenge up a little. Get messy, have fun, dance down the road. Do something silly. It will make people smile. And who is going to fault you for that?


We Went For Puddles


Here are a few pictures from our day, which will hopefully inspire you to believe that sometimes getting messy is good for the heart.

I asked my daughter Liv, if she wanted to go play in puddles. She started out a little reluctant, but she was pretty excited about the idea. It didn’t take long before she could hardly resist the jumping.


Jump in Puddles


… and the jumping continued.

Puddle jumping fun


One jump caused such a splash Liv was surprised at how much water got on her. You can tell by the look on her face.

Puddle 1080


Well, that’s it. Except for leaving me a comment down below, of course, telling me where you went outside. Let me know where you were, or what you did. Did you jump in puddles, too? Oh, and if you’re here and you haven’t subscribed to my page yet, you should do that now. That way you won’t miss a post, or a challenge, or any other fun thing that might come your way.


I look forward to chatting with you tomorrow. I’m so happy we’re in this together. Until next time…

Remember: Life is what you make it. Take lots of pictures.


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