Challenge 7 – Taking a Trip Down Memory Lane

Challenge 7 – Taking a Trip Down Memory Lane

Challenge 7 – Taking a Trip Down Memory Lane

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Welcome to Day 7


Have you every been scrolling through social media, only to stumble upon a picture and find yourself involuntarily smiling at its cuteness? For some of you this might be children, or maybe it’s a kitten or a puppy. Maybe it’s all three, or something completely different. The point is, if you are self-aware, you will begin to notice yourself smiling at pictures without even realizing it. They evoke an emotion in you, and that emotion is happiness. And since we are on a journey to creating more happiness in our lives, we’re focusing on pictures today. Don’t you love trips down memory lane?


You mission is to get out your pictures and start looking through them. Now, preferably you’re going to look through your own stack that have meaning to you, but you know what I say about obstacles. If you’re finding yourself stumbling upon one, problem-solve and make it work the best you can.


The pictures you look at can be physical pictures from an album — or if you’re anything like me, a box, or a drawer — or digital pictures. Living in a digital society, we have so much opportunity to take so many pictures, that most of us don’t even print them off anymore. It’s too bad, really, but that’s a conversation for another post entirely, don’t you think?


Your images may be:


* Physical images (album or otherwise). If you can hold them in your hand, this counts.

*Pictures on your digital camera (memory card)

*Pictures on Social Media (Facebook, Instagram etc.)

*Photobooks or scrapbooks


Before Your Trip Down Memory Lane Please Read This:


Today’s challenge will require you to be self-aware, so before you grab those pictures for your trip down memory lane, please read this through.  Physical pictures will make this challenge easy, and you’ll see why in a minute. However, if you’re only option is digital, that’s ok. Just be alright with having to do a little extra work. We will talk about that in a minute.


In order for this to be successful, it important that you recognize which pictures make you smile without even meaning to. That is, which pictures make you ‘feel good’ or smile by accident, without you even realizing you have the smile on your face? Go slow. This will help you.  When you have found a picture that does this — or as many as you like, but don’t go overboard — set it aside. You can do this for as long as you want. Memory-Lane trips can last for hours, so go now, and once you’re done, come on back here to finish.


Ok, so you’re back. And I am guessing you’ve got a few pictures that give you the warm fuzzies. You can choose as many or as few pictures as possible, but if you are the type of person who likes explicit instruction, let’s go with a maximum of five.


Some pictures that make me smile:


Daddy-Daughter Time Christmas Challenge 7 Trip Memory Lane

I don’t think I need to explain why this one brings a smile to my face. If only I could hear what she had been thinking at the time.


Surprise Party Challenge 7 Trip Memory Lane

This brings a smile to my face because it is a picture of my mom’s reaction to the surprise party we threw for her 60th birthday.


Challenge 7 Trip Memory Lane

I thought we were having a serious moment, only to find out Tiawna was being her silly self and decided to photo bomb her own picture.


Pumpkin Dad Kids, Trip Memory Lane

This photo makes me smile because it has become a tradition for my dad to take his grandkids out every year and buy them each a pumpkin. They look forward to it and can’t wait for the trip when Halloween approaches.


Sister Love Challenge 7 Trip Memory Lane

Again, probably no need for an explanation. This just warms my heart and makes me smile.


Remember I mentioned this challenge would be easier if you could get a hold of your images physically? Well, if you already have that, you’re gold. If they were in an album, be sure to take them out. You want your chosen pictures to be separate from the rest. If they are on social media, computer, or camera, it is best if you can print them off (quality doesn’t matter). However, if you aren’t able to do this, at the very minimum, have this image/these images handy because you’re going to be using them more than just today.


Over the course of the next week, you will look at this picture each morning before getting out of bed (insert laugh here if you are the parent of a young child — I feel your pain and realize you are probably already in said kid’s room before even noticing you’re awake) or each night before going to sleep. Allow yourself to drift back to the time the picture was taken (if you were there), and tell yourself, out loud, why this image brings a smile to your face. Repeat this to yourself 3 times. Or even tell someone else. Show that picture off! Do this for seven days. Commit to the week.


Until next time…

Looking forward to hearing about your pictures and why they make you smile.


Remember: Life is what you make it. Take lots of pictures. (Hopefully today was a little insight as to why this is so important.)

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