Challenge 8 – Set your Sights High and Your Goals Higher

Challenge 8 – Set your Sights High and Your Goals Higher

Challenge 8 – Set your Sights High and Your Goals Higher

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Welcome to Day 8

Did you look at your picture(s) yet this morning and remind yourself why they bring a smile to your face? If not, do it before tonight. Be sure not to skip it, and set it as one of your goals for the week. It’s a good habit to get in to, reminding yourself of what you’re grateful for.


Now, on to today’s challenge. At some point today, any time before you go to bed, you’re going to write down a ‘goal of the day’ for tomorrow. Make it something you can accomplish, but something you may not always tend to do. That is, the goal should be achievable, but also create a sense of accomplishment once you’ve done it.  This will look different for everyone.


What sort of goals should you set?


There are such a wide range of options here, you have to find what fits best for you. But, let’s say you never make your bed — make this your goal. It’s such a small task, but if it is something that you always put off or just don’t bother with, then you’ll feel a twinge of happiness when you complete it. And besides, it’ll make you room look finished, too.


Now, if you find you are the type of person who makes their bed every morning without thinking twice, then let’s consider something a bit more challenging. It might be to clean the backroom you’ve been putting off, call the plumber to fix the broken toilet, or another menial task around the home you’ve just been putting off. Or maybe it’s to make a phone call to someone you’ve been meaning to contact, but life, as usual, has gotten in the way. You may consider a career or relationship related goal, too. The choice is yours. Just make sure it’s attainable, but not too easy. This is, however, a challenge, right?


Whatever it is you choose, write it down and stick to it. Let me know what you’ve accomplished.  Commit to this for a week. The tasks may be the same, or they may change each day. Just be sure to set a goal. And don’t forget to set it before you go to bed. That way you can rest easy. When you wake up you’ll have the entire day to achieve your goal and not waste half of it trying to set your goal in the first place.

Sometime you have to…

Be your own shining star, happy challenge day 8, set your sights high goals higher


To read a little more on goal-setting and happiness, and the research on the correlation between the two of them, Positive Psychology has an easy-read article that might interest you.


Until tomorrow… Don’t forget: you have a picture assignment and a goal-setting assignment. Share your goals with me in the comments section.


Remember: Life is what you make it. Take lots of pictures.


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