Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids 2017 (and step-by-step sanity savers)

Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids 2017 (and step-by-step sanity savers)

Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids 2017 (and step-by-step sanity savers)

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Time is suddenly closing in, and you’ll be shopping for Christmas before you know it. This post is your power tool for this holiday season’s gift ideas. Read along to find:


*insightful ways to save your sanity, this holiday season.


*a SUPER GIFT-GUIDE to this year’s hottest, most trendy gifts


*a list of Stocking Stuffer suggestions for Santa, too.


Don’t wait. Get started now.


Let me ask you this:


Does the word Hatchimal ring a bell? It was only one of last season’s hottest gifts. They flew off the shelves in the beginning of November and were rarely seen again. Every kid seemed to want them under their tree. Were you in this boat last year? Were you lucky enough to find a Hatchimal?


Don’t Get Caught In The Trap.

Last year the Hatchmial craze had parents stressed out and kids begging like never before. This hot toy was in such high demand even Santa found himself needing to explain, telling kids not to ask for these furry creatures because there just weren’t enough to go around. This fiasco even left some people spending hundreds of dollars just to get their hands on one.


The Key To Saving Sanity While Fulfilling Your Gift Ideas

Sanity Saver 1: Shop early, people.

Seriously. Don’t be a procrastinator and create more stress in your world. This holiday guide will give you all the gift ideas you need to get started and dive right in. You’ll be thanking yourself when December rolls around and you get to kick back and relax, while others are searching for that one ‘hot’ item that no store seems to have.


Sanity Saver 2: Go in with a plan… and a list.

Sometimes you walk around a store and stumble upon the perfect gift for someone in your life. But that’s not usually the case when you’re actually looking for it to happen. At least not for me.


This year, save yourself the wasted time, and ultimately, your sanity. Do a little research, check out the best deals, and make a list. Start your mission and away you go.


The best part?


You can use the gift ideas found in this post to help you get started on your list.


Sanity Saver #3: Shop online.

I used to look at online shopping with skepticism. But the convenience of it just can’t be argued.  Of course, you should buy from only the companies you trust, and with sites like Amazon, for example, it’s so easy to find what you need.


Another benefit is this:


You order from the comfort of your own home — maybe at midnight when you’re kids are snug in bed and you actually have minute to yourself.  The package arrives in the mail — most times, straight to your door. The convenience of saving time, gas money, and possibly even babysitters, is simply a no-brainer.


And the moment you’ve been waiting for…

The Gift Ideas That Will Make This Christmas A Breeze

Hot item #1 ~ Squishies


These cute toys have been gaining momentum, and everyone is going to be asking for them. They are pretty much like stress-balls, but so much better. There are a ton of options to choose from. You’ll find fruits and veggies, sweet treats, and even animals. Check out the cutest unicorn squishy I stumbled upon.

Holiday gift idea kids sanity savers



Hot item #2 ~ Etch A Sketch Junior


Remember having an Etch-a-Sketch when you were little? Well now there’s a junior edition and it comes with a mini joy-stick. Although you’ll be buying this for your child, you know you can’t wait to get your own hands on it.


Holiday gift idea kids sanity savers



Hot item #3 ~ Enchantimals 


These cute dolls have the look of a snap chat filter, with a half human, half animal face. They come with both animals and accessories.


Holiday gift ideas kids sanity savers



Hot item #4 ~ Waterproof Speaker


This cool gift comes in a variety of colours and is great for the outdoors or even in the shower. It is also equipped with a built-in Bluetooth and rechargeable battery.


Holiday gift ideas kids sanity savers



Hot item #5 ~ Mermaid Pillow 


These stress-relieving pillows make a great gift, and they’re fashionable, too! They come in a variety of colours, and because they are reversible, it’s like double-the-options.


Holiday gift idea kids sanity savers


Hot Item #6 ~ Minecraft Exploding Creeper Redeco Action Figure – Series 5


For any Minecraft lover in your life, this cute action figure is sure to create excitement.


Christmas Gift ideas kids Christmas 2017



And now…

Take A Look At Our Stocking Stuffer Suggestions For Santa:

*facial peels


*mini hand sanitizers/hand creams


*Tile Sport – Key Finder/Phone Finder ~ Does you child (or maybe even you) keep losing their keys or their phone? This tile finder will tell you where to find them, so the whining and the searching will be a thing of the past.


*LEGO Ninjago Blind Bag (they’re a pretty hot item right now!)


*Fingerlings – Interactive Baby Monkey


*Thumb Chucks ~ These fun little knick-knacks will have kids busy for hours figuring out the rebound, the pass, the wrap, and so much more. Check out the online tutorial on how to get started with them.


*Hatchimals – CollEGGtible ~ I know, I know. If you had to deal with the Hatchimal craze last year you might not ever want to hear the word Hatchimal again. But these little CollEggtibles are too cute to pass up.


*Toysmith Rainbow Pom Ball


*Creature Dental Floss Dispenser with Mint Waxed Floss ~ get kids excited about flossing with these cute flossers.


*Speks – Buildable Magnets


*Cabbage Patch Kids Little Sprouts Friends


*Cube-Tastic! or Eni Puzzle


*iTunes Gift Card ~ the one gift you can never go wrong with.


Although there are many more items we could add to the list, hopefully these unique gift ideas will give you a jumpstart on your shopping.


If there’s a gift you’d like to add to our Hot Items list, or our Suggestions for Santa, please let me know. I’ll post it, and credit your awesome idea.


And Finally…

Here’s wishing you a stress-free holiday. I hope you get your shopping done early, your baking complete, and enjoy some time with friends and family.


Oh, and if the idea of the holidays has you feeling down, simply at the thought of the stress of it all, take a moment for yourself and join the 15-day journey to a better you. This challenge is so inspiring, you won’t be disappointed.



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