Get Your Kids Learning Without Them Knowing ~ Visit Historic Museums

Get Your Kids Learning Without Them Knowing ~ Visit Historic Museums

Get Your Kids Learning Without Them Knowing ~ Visit Historic Museums

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Visit to the Beach and Grand Pre Historic Site ~ Cost factor: $-$$$


This year marks Canada’s 150th birthday, so Parks Canada is giving free admission to Canada’s National Parks and Historic Sites. If you’re Canadian this is a great reason to get out and discover as many of these spots as you can. Even if you’re not Canadian you still get in free, so it’s just another reason to visit this beautiful place.


This could cost you a bit of money, depending on the size of your family and how far away the sites are from your home, but we were able to do it all for free.

Of course, you will want to research places in your area before deciding on what adventure you will take, but for us, we decided to go to Grand Pre National Historic Site to learn about Evangeline (an epic poem written by Longfellow) and the history of the deportation of Nova Scotia’s Acadians. For a little inspiration, take a look at our day of fun.


First we decided to kick it off with a trip to Evangeline Beach.

Evangeline Beach


This was only a few minutes past Grand Pre’s Historic Site and we knew the tide would be on its way in to the timing was perfect. In Nova Scotia we experience the world’s highest tides so its pretty amazing to watch them go in and out.


We didn’t want to miss our chance for a little playtime in the sand — I should say mud — so we made this stop first before the tide came in and water covered the beach.

Sisters 2017 Evangeline Beach


We had fun getting stuck in the mud and letting the tide chase us in. The girls even pretended to be stranded on the muddy islands.


Off to the Historic Site


When our fun in the sun was done, we headed for Grand Pre Historic Site and started off with a picnic lunch.

Grand Pre Historic Site Sign


Once we were finished eating, we began our tour. We were greeted at the front desk where the girls were given explorer books to fill out along our travels. Once they completed five pages or activities they were able to collect a prize on the way back out.


They worked hard on the book as we discovered many things the site had to offer. We stopped at the church where you could find lots of information inside about the deportation of the Acadians. The best part of that stop was we even got to dress up like Acadians.

Dressing Like Nova Scotian Acadians


Along our tour we also visited the beautifully landscaped gardens, walked along the ponds and even saw a few ducks. One of the highlights for the girls was the gigantic Willow tress. In their Xplorer booklet they were asked to write down how many people it took to hug a tree. After a little maneuvering, we discovered it took eight people to make it all the way around the tree.


Willow Tree


When our visit was done we returned to the front desk to show off the girls’ hard work. In return, they were rewarded with a chain that signified they had become official explorers of the Grand Pre National Historic Site of Nova Scotia.


If you’d like to check out a video our day, take a peek here.


Aside from all of the learning that was happening, our day was chock-full of fun and beauty. I look forward to hearing about your adventures to a museum or historic site near you.


Until next time… Remember, life is what you make it. Take lots of pictures.

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