Paint Project for Kids: Create a Family Banner

Paint Project for Kids: Create a Family Banner

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Paint a Family Banner ~ Cost factor: $-$$$


This activity was one of our favorites of the summer, and all we did was grab an old bed sheet and a bunch of paint.


What you’ll need:

An old bed sheet, preferably light in color

Paints (don’t use washable)

Paint brushes, or anything that gets the paint to the sheet

A cover-up/smock might be something to consider


We live close to a second-hand clothing store, so we decided to take a trip to find a white sheet at a small cost. I have a couple of little artists on my hands so as for the paints, we had tons. We use acrylic paints but what you use is up to you. Just remember, if you use washable paints and plan to wash your banner if it ever needs it, be prepared for some pretty upset kiddos.


This project is super easy and should be done on a dry day because it’s best if you head outdoors! That’s completely your call of course, but I can’t imagine taking on this challenge indoors.


Operation Paint Banner Instructions:

Whether you choose to brainstorm before you create your banner, section off to avoid arguments, or just go at it freestyle, all you really need to do is spread the sheet in the yard, hand over the paints and brushes, and BEGIN. Yep. It’s just that easy.


PLEASE NOTE: since the banner is huge and there is zero chance (seriously, don’t kid yourself) your child isn’t going to crawl all over the masterpiece being created, I would highly recommend you have them wear clothes you don’t care about staining. Oh, and do this barefoot.


Don’t have a sheet, or can’t find one to fit your budget? Try this activity with a white shirt or (eek!) even a white pair of shoes.  Just have fun with it.  This is definitely something your children won’t forget doing. So go ahead, get dirty and have fun. And take pictures.


Comment down below your favorite thing created on your family banner.


Until next time… Remember: Life is what you make it. Take lots of pictures.


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