Review of the Game Speak Out ~ Is It As Funny As They Claim?

Review of the Game Speak Out ~ Is It As Funny As They Claim?

Review of the Game Speak Out ~ Is It As Funny As They Claim?

This post may contain affiliate links. Please see disclosure policy for details.

This post may contain affiliate links. Please see disclosure policy for details.


Do you remember the last time you laughed so hard there were tears rolling down your cheeks? It’s not every day this happens for most of us, but with the game Speak Out, by Hasbro, now it can be.


My daughters had been begging me for months to buy this game. I watched a few clips that went viral on my social media feeds and decided to take the plunge.


My girls and I are featuring something new each week for the Test-it-Tuesday portion of our YouTube channel, and I figured this game would be the perfect place to start. We purchased the version called Kids vs Parents, so my opinion will be for this particular version only. You can take a look at a short clip and product review below. To see the entire game in action check out our YouTube channel. If you want to keep up-to-date on our latest tests, be sure to hit the subscribe button after you head on over. There’s something new every Tuesday.



Speak Out Kids vs Parents Game ~ The Details


***For 4-10 people

***For ages 8+ (however, as you saw in our video, my 5 year old did very well. We paused the timer for her and whispered the phrase for her to repeat since she can’t read yet. For us, this was a success.)

***Game comes with:

          »100 blue cards for kids (double-sided)

          »100 red cards for adults (double-sided)

           »Total of 10 mouthpieces ~ 6 for kids, 4 for adults




Why I was happy we bought Speak Out (ie. Pros):


#1. It made me laugh. Oh my goodness, it made me laugh! I couldn’t control my laughter, and I promise, I tried my very best.


#2. There are lots of cards. With over 200 cards, phrases written on both sides, this could keep you busy for hours without repeating.


#3. The price was on par with your average board game, but the laughs it created were worth their weight in gold.


#4. The instructions were easy to read and easy to follow.


#5. The game comes with 10 mouthpieces, which was more than enough for us.


The not-so-great aspects (ie. the cons):


#1. When I asked the girls to rate this game out of 5 stars, they gave it a 4 and a 4.3. Their only critique was the timer. Apparently, for children, it’s more fun to take a card and try to figure out what their partner is saying, only giving each person one card per turn, with no time restraints.

As an adult, I loved the timer. I liked the ‘stress’ of being restricted to a time limit. I think it makes you try harder to get the phrases out, which just makes it funnier in the end.


#2. Phrases claim to be (blue: kid cards) things kids might say to parents/adults, and (red: adult cards) things adults might say to kids. Although I respect the fact that it would be difficult to come up with 400 phrases that fit into these categories, most of what was read were not phrases I’ve ever really heard before. This wouldn’t keep me from purchasing other versions of the game though because trying to say the phrases was hilarious, even if they were a bit odd.


#3. Where the laugh-factor is concerned, Speak Out is a game best suited for adults. Don’t get me wrong, the kids loved the game and wanted to play it again, and again. But if you’re an adult, and you want to have a really good laugh, play the game with other adults.


Final Thoughts:


Overall, as you saw in our video, I rated this game 4.5 out of 5. I am very happy with the purchase and can’t wait to play it again. If you like to host parties or games nights, Speak Out is a must-have. Or if you’re looking for a perfect gift, child or adult, this is a game that will have you in stitches and keep you entertained for hours.


Please remember, Speak Out Kids vs Parents has 6 mouthpieces for children, so if you plan to play Speak Out mostly with adults, you’d probably want to consider the original game (5 adult mouthpieces, ages 16+). And if you need extra or replacement mouthpieces, they actually sell those separately, too.


Do you find yourself trying to decide on Speak Out?


My final thought on that is this: if you don’t mind sore abs from too much laughing, Speak Out is a game for you.


If you give this game a try, let me know what you thought of it in the comments below.


Until next time… Happy laughing.

Remember: Life is what you make it. Take lots of pictures.

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