This Solitaire Card Game: A Household Favorite For Kids

This Solitaire Card Game: A Household Favorite For Kids

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 “The Clock” Card Game ~ Cost Factor: 0

Are you tired of the same old solitaire card games? The Clock Game is a favorite in our house and is extremely easy to learn and as long as you have a deck of cards this activity won’t cost you a dime.


I love this game because it’s great for most ages. So long as your child can count and recognize when two cards look the same, you’re GOLD! If they can’t, this game is still a fun teaching tool.


This is also a perfect indoor/rainy-day activity.


How to Play


  • First shuffle your deck (make sure you don’t include the jokers)
  • Next, begin to deal out 13 piles — typically you would do this in the shape of a clock. One pile per number and the final pile in the middle.
  • Keep adding to each pile until the first 12 have 4 cards.  The 13th pile should have three cards.  You will hang on to the final card and flip it.
  • When you reveal the flipped card, it’s number will tell you which pile to slip it under. For example, if you flip a two, place your card (face up) under the two pile
  • Take the card on top of the pile you just added to and flip it.
  • Continue until you have no cards left
  • If you can reveal all cards, you win, but this isn’t easy.


Please note:

For young children you might consider laying your piles in a straight row for easier counting, and you will need to explain what numbers each face card represents.


For other fun games like this, you can learn check out Today’s Parent.


Comment below what your favorite card game is, or if you enjoyed playing the clock game.


Until next time… Remember: Life is what you make it. Take lots of pictures.

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