Unicorn Pumpkin DIY for Halloween (Or Even A Birthday Party)

Unicorn Pumpkin DIY for Halloween (Or Even A Birthday Party)

Unicorn Pumpkin DIY for Halloween (Or Even A Birthday Party)

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I know, I know. Halloween is still over a month away. But here’s the thing. This unicorn pumpkin is way too cute not to share, no matter what time of year. And besides, if you love it and decide to create one of your own, this gives you tons of time to get prepared, without rushing around for the materials.


We have been so excited creating bats, floating ghosts, tin can messages and melted crayon pumpkins, that we didn’t think Halloween could get much better. Until…


I stumbled upon a do-it-yourself unicorn pumpkin and couldn’t believe how cute this creation turned out. So, as usual, my girls and I decided to try it out for ourselves, and we vlogged the whole thing.


Seeing as how Halloween is coming up and all, we figured this was perfect timing. But even if it wasn’t Halloween, this is a no-fail Unicorn Party idea for the unicorn lover in your life.


Parlez-vous francais?


If you clicked on the link above, you’ll see that the instructions aren’t written in English. My french skills aren’t bad, but I’m no pro. 


So, if you like the idea of these magical unicorns gracing your doorstep this Halloween — or anytime, really — and you prefer the English version, follow our method below. Although we changed a few things around, the final product is still an awesome unicorn pumpkin.



Unicorn Pumpkin: Materials You’ll Need


Pumpkins (preferably small ones, but this is your project): SEE TIPS for alternatives.

Hacksaw (optional, but a good idea if stem is still intact)

White spray paint (could use paint, but I don’t know how this would turn out)

Felt (Black, pink and white, unless you want to get colourfully creative): SEE TIPS for alternatives.


Straight pins: SEE TIPS for alternatives.

Candy sticks (wooden kabobs/dowels): SEE TIPS for suggestions depending on size of stick.

Modelling clay — you’ll want a variety of colours. We love Crayola. SEE TIPS for suggestions

Glass of water

MOD podge glitter or glitter glue (optional)

Elmer’s glue: SEE TIPS as you may not need this.

Something to cover your space (we usually use newspaper or a plastic table cover)

Here’s a look at our materials:

Unicorn Pumpkin DIY materials



Unicorn Pumpkin: A Step-by-Step Guide


Step 1: Clean your pumpkins off. Make sure they are completely dry.


Step 2: Take your pumpkins outside, and place newspaper or plastic covering down to keep your workspace clear of any unwanted disasters. Spray paint your entire pumpkin white. Leave to dry. (See Tips Section below for our suggestions on improvements).



Step 3: Set up your workspace. Get all of your materials ready. ***If you didn’t follow the suggestion in Step 2, you may want to take this time to create the individual parts of the unicorn so they are ready to put together when your pumpkin is dry.


Step 4: Make sure your pumpkin is dry, and bring it to your workspace. You’ll want to cut off the stem if it is still attached (this should always be done by an adult). We used a hacksaw, and it worked great.


Step 5: We decided to start with the most magical part: the horn. This is where you will need to grab your candy stick. Set it aside for just a minute.


Decide what colour you want your horn. You might choose the traditional white, but if you have a variety of colours to choose from, you might choose to mix a couple colours together. And if you think you’ll add glitter, then by all means, let the magic continue.


First you’ll need to roll the clay out and form a cone shape. Next you’ll want to swirl it around so it looks like an emoji poop.  Yes, I said that.


From there, you’ll want to roll it out — just like you did initially, but now your clay is twisted — so that it gets elongated once again. To do this, put your emoji poop on its side and gently roll with the palm of your hand.


Now it’s time to grab that stick. Be careful when you attempt to place the clay onto it. The instructions we read said to dip the stick in water, but we completely forgot this step and it went in just fine. However, by doing this, it helps the clay slide onto the stick without compromising the shape you’ve worked so hard to create. You should be left with about half the stick showing.


Step 6: Place the horn on your unicorn. This is an easy step, but you’ll want to be careful so that you don’t break your stick or damage your horn.


Even though we didn’t use the water when we placed the clay on, we did decide to use it on the remaining portion that needed to go into the pumpkin.


On that note…


Simply poke the base of your stick into the pumpkin, in the middle front, so the horn covers the spot where the stem was cut off.

(See Tips Sections for our suggestions)


Step-by-step instructions unicorn pumpkin DIY



Step 7: On to the hair. Here’s where you can get creative and use several colours, or just one. If you’d like to do what we did, start by rolling sections out, just like you did with the horn. Then flatten these sections out so they are fairly thin.


unicorn pumpkin DIY hair instructions


Hang them from the top of the head, starting near the horn. Make sure to leave room for the eyes. Whatever you choose to do with your hair, be sure to have fun, get creative, and do your own thing. (See Tips Section for suggestions)


Step 8: It’s time to prepare the ears. For this you’ll need to grab your felt. We used card stock because we couldn’t find felt and were happy with the result.


You can make the ears a typical white and pink, or you can use whatever colours your little heart desires. After all, unicorns are magical and can be anything you want them to be. (See Tips Section for our suggestions)


You’ll want to cut out a large teardrop shape and a small teardrop shape, if you’re using felt. On card stock we just cut out one large shape, using pink marker to fill in the inner shape.


Please note: your shapes should have a straight-lined bottom.


Once you’ve got your ear pieces ready, you’ll need to glue the small piece on the large piece. Set to dry. Skip this step if you opted to use card stock and coloured in the inner piece.


If you decide to add glitter/glitter glue to your ears — because we all know, there’s never a time not to just add glitter — you may want to do that now.


You’ll need to add a few cuts along the straight-line base of the ears. This is so you can squeeze together the pieces at the bottom so they come together. From there you’ll place it on the pumpkin. This gives you a spot to fit your straight pins in. (SEE TIPS section for other options)

Instructions for unicorn pumpkins diy


Instructions for unicorn pumpkins diy



Step 9: Finally, we created our unicorn pumpkin eyes. We wanted to make our eyes large and wide, but you can create the eyes any which way you like. You can use felt to make these too, or modelling clay. We chose the latter.


Flatten out a piece of black modelling clay in an oval or ’rounded’ rectangular shape. Once you’re happy with the outer shape, take some white and make the pupil (inside).


If you need some ideas for eye shapes, take a minute to look at how to draw unicorn eyes and then click on the link that says images. Get inspired and then come on back.


We all decided to create different eyes.


Instructions for unicorn pumpkins diy


Step 10: Now it’s time to show off your own unicorn pumpkin.


If you’d like more unicorn fun, check out our Unicorn Kiss Meringue Recipe.



Tips For Creating An Even Better Experience Than We Had (which was already super-awesome)


Tip 1: If you can’t find pumpkins, or they’re not in season, simply grab some squash. They’re similar to pumpkins, and these unicorns are actually cuter when they’re small.


Tip 2: When choosing your clay, please be mindful. Play-doh will dry out, so don’t use that. Plasticine works great, but you really need to work it before it’ll do what you want it to. It may not be the most kid-friendly option depending on age. Modelling clay/play clay works like play-doh and lasts in the air like plasticine. We like anything Crayola, as it’s a quality brand you can trust.


Tip 3: The spray-painting process was quick, but the drying process took a little longer than we anticipated. If you’re looking to move along quickly, do one of two things:

  1. Paint the pumpkins the day before you want to make the unicorn pumpkin craft, or
  2. Grab your hair blower and power it on high heat.


Tip 4: We decided to go with card stock because we didn’t have felt. It worked just fine.


Tip 5: If you plan to leave your unicorns outside where they may endure the rain, you should consider opting for the felt ears. Even though card stock is heavy, if it sits in the rain, your unicorn’s ears might not stand the test.


Tip 6: We didn’t even think about the length of our candy sticks until they were ready to go in the pumpkin.


We didn’t realize until this point that the stick was too long for our tiny pumpkin. (Well, actually, my daughter Liv did, but I didn’t listen to her good sense at first. If you watch our vide, you’ll see what I mean). Thankfully, the sticks we had were very easy to break.


For a better experience, you may want to check the height you’ll need before placing your clay horn onto the stick.


Tip 7: If you’re worried about your horn breaking, or if you know the pumpkin has a very hard shell, use a drill to start your hole. Just be sure the hole you drill is slightly smaller that the size of your wooden stick.


Tip 8: If your clay doesn’t see to want to stay when placing your hair, grab a few more straight pins and gently pin it at the top. Glue is even an option here.


Tip 9: No straight pins on hand? We used thumb tacks. And if you’re using card stock for the ears, you can just push them in to the clay and, voila! It works like a charm.


I am beyond excited to hear about your fun creating unicorn pumpkins. This was one of our most favourite DIY creations. And boy do they ever look cute.


Don’t forget to comment and let me know what colour you chose for your unicorn pumpkin. Oh yeah, and I would love for you to let me know if you have any more helpful hints that I might have missed. I’ll be sure to add them to my post, and credit the information to you.


If you enjoyed this post, please don’t forget to share it out, so more unicorn lovers can enjoy this DIY.


Have fun creating your unicorn pumpkins and don’t forget to subscribe for more fun DIYs and such.


Looking for another Halloween DIY? Try pulling a Halloween prank with jello-worms or try making these cute fabric pumpkins.






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