Upper Clements Park – Our Fun-Filled Day of Adventure

Upper Clements Park – Our Fun-Filled Day of Adventure

Upper Clements Park – Our Fun-Filled Day of Adventure

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Do you love discovering your kids wanting to read? Do you love to earn free things? Well we love both, too. Here’s how my kids’ reading led to a free trip to Upper Clements Park.


Each year our regional libraries set up a summer reading program for kids to keep them reading all summer long. Although there are several library programs and other fun events and activities set up, the summer reading program is definitely a highlight for us. The idea behind the program is to encourage kids to read, but they are given a paper filled with other activities to complete, too. This year, all boxes needed to be checked off in order to receive the park pass. My girls worked through this program during most of July, and were able to pick up milestone prizes along the way as incentive to keep going. (But let’s face it; a free pass to the amusement park was incentive enough in my house.) 


The final prize was a free ticket ($34 value) to an amusement park called Upper Clements Park. We only go to this park once a year, so the girls work very hard to complete the program.


Here’s a look at our trip this year, summer 2017.


The drive is a bit of a long one, so we packed a picnic lunch and headed out. We played games in the car and sang songs along the way. This year we played a new game called Bury All Your Horses. The way it works is this: For each horse you see on your drive, you must say zip. (Don’t ask. I have no clue why zip is the word). You count each zip as ‘your’ horse. Every time you see a horse and say zip, you add to your inventory of horses. But, if you pass a cemetery along your journey, be the first to say, “Bury all your horses.” All other players lose their horses except for the first person to call out the phrase. At the end of your trip, see who has the most horses. This game kept us entertained most of the way and before we knew it, we had arrived.


Our Day at Upper Clements Park Begins



This year we went with my sister and her family, so after a quick lunch in the picnic area, the whole crew headed in to get our bracelets. We decided to go straight for the mini zip-lines as it is near the entrance and something everyone can have fun on.

Upper Clements Park Adventure

After that, the kids ran through the tree house on their way to the water slide. The water slide is always a big hit, but is designed for older kids.

Upper Clements Park Water Slide


Since you need to be 48’ tall, it left Liv unable to do this activity. But, no worries. There was a Merry-Go-Round carousel just beside it and she was happy for me to take her there. Usually we jump on a horse, but this time Liv decided she wanted to sit in one of the carriage seats. 

Merry-go-round carousel Upper Clements Park


Flume Ride Fun


Next we went on the flume. It is my favourite ride and the kids like to try to get me as wet as they can. This is so much fun, and yes, you can get drenched depending on how many people you go with and where you sit. Liv has figured out that by ducking her head just as we hit the water, it allows the splash to miss her completely and directly hit those behind her. She thinks it is hilarious, of course, so that is what she opts for every single time.


Check out this clip of Liv doing her thing.



After that we were off to the antique cars, then the ferris wheel and rock-o-planes. These were all rides Liv was able to go on, so we spent a little extra time here and the older girls were very accommodating.


The next stop was at laser tag, but Liv didn’t want to play so we decided to take off to the kiddie pool. First we wanted to get Dippin’ Dots, though. Well, actually, they aren’t called that at Upper Clements Park, but if you’ve ever been to Disney, you know what I’m talking about. They’re pretty much heaven in a bowl. Our excitement fizzled as we were told this little piece of paradise was discontinued, but we loaded up on candy instead and cooled off in the water, so it wasn’t all bad.

Candy Upper Clements Park



Zipping across the water


The large zip-line across the water is another highlight of our trip to Upper Clements each year, but you have to weight 70lbs in order to participate. Liv and I walked across the park so we could shoot a video of Tiawna, Brooklyn and Dawson, as they zipped down the line.  Take a look at them.




We opted not to do the roller coaster (The Tree Topper) this year and we came to find out that the Haunted House was closed for the season, so after browsing through a few stores and a little more playing, we thought the best way to end the day was on the train ride.

Train Station Upper Clements Park

The train takes you around the park and was a relaxing way to end our day.


There were paddle boats, bumper boats and other entertainment that we didn’t take advantage of this year, but maybe next time. We had a long day, full of fun, so we were okay with not being able to take in all there was to offer.


End of day Upper Clements Park


Tired, but happy, we were ready to head home. Until next year, Upper Clements Park. Thanks for the awesome day.


Please come again Upper Clements Park


Don’t forget to check out another one of our summer adventures.



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