5 Ways To Make Money Blogging: Step By Step Guide To Get You Started

5 Ways To Make Money Blogging: Step By Step Guide To Get You Started

5 Ways To Make Money Blogging: Step By Step Guide To Get You Started

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I think you’ll agree that we’ve all questioned whether you can really make money blogging? Well, I’m here to tell you the answer is, yes.


In today’s post, I’m going to show you an infographic overview, and then detail each point, step by step.


Make money blogging, step by step guide

Here’s the breakdown:


Key Step 1: True Teachers Inspire. Don’t Self-Sabotage.


If you’re serious about your blog, then you know it is important to create everything in high quality. You also may know that when you’re in a slump, it’s easy to self-sabotage and throw in the towel.


In my experience:


True teachers inspire you to reach new heights, to persevere when times get tough, and to find ways to turn a bad situation good. So, if you’re looking to grow successfully and make money blogging, allow an expert to show you the ropes and be your support system.


What does this mean for you?


It means you will be forever grateful for the time, effort and sanity you’ll save by making this wise decision. Trust me. Countless hours to figure something out vs. asking a question and getting a straight answer… take your pick.


And the question on everybody’s mind…


Will it cost me money? You bet. But, if you want a course that is worth it’s weight in gold, then look no further. The 30-Day Blogging Fast Track Course is so full of incredibly high-quality information, support groups and constant communication, I can’t imagine how you would ever be disappointed.


But there’s  a catch.


This month’s enrolment will only be open for a week. There will be another class, but you’ll have to wait until November to get started.


Here’s the thing.


If you want to be in business for yourself, and you want to make money blogging, you need to invest. No successful business person ever, will tell you they got to the top with a free ride. So, if you’re looking to blog for fun, or aren’t interested in making money, you probably don’t want to waste your time here. I don’t mean any disrespect, but this information is geared toward people who want to make money blogging as their business, not just their leisure.


So what’s next?


If you’re serious, you should keep reading. If you make it to the end and find yourself excited about moving forward, then blogging as a business might just be for you. So go on, keep reading.


Key 2: Writing Quality Content Will Give You The Upper Hand.


So you have 40 blog posts written, and you find yourself pumping out 3 posts a week. But wait. You’re not moving forward. You might find yourself asking:


What gives?


This is when you might need to reflect on what you’re writing, and whether or not it’s quality content. If you write three posts a week, you might expect that your blog should gain more momentum.


You may be surprised to find out:


One blog post full of quality images, links and content might just do twice as well in half the amount of time as your three quickie posts. Quality over quantity every time. That said, you can’t write one quality post every couple of months and expect to get far either.


Think about it.


It just makes sense that: Quality + Consistency = Success.


Wondering what constitutes quality content?


The answer will depend on your chosen niche, but the fact remains: this is where the experts come in. As mentioned above, the 30-Day Blogging Fast Track Course is jammed packed with information and the course allows you to go at your own pace, but the support is continuos, no matter your status.


The best part?


If you’re on the fence and not quite sure if this is for you, there is a free, yes free, 5-Day Crash Course. so you can test the waters.


Key 3: My Website Is My Baby And Here’s Why.


You may already know that there are lots of sites that allow you to create your own website for free. If you’re blogging for fun, this is a great place for you. If you’re serious about a blogging business though, it’s extremely important to take the plunge and own your own website.


Does this really matter?


In short, when you own your own site, you control what happens with it. When somebody else owns it, you have little control over many of the things that will create an income for you. I don’t know about you, but I like being in control of the income I can generate. There are other details about SEO, etc. but I’ll leave that to the experts hosting the 30-Day Blogging Fast Track Course. They explain, in detail, why this is important to you as a serious business blogger.


Key 4: My Twitter Followers Tripled And The Month’s Not Even Over


This may go without saying, but as a blogger, you want to reach as large an audience as possible. The best way to do that is through social media platforms. When I took the 30-Day Blogging Fast Track Course in July, I learned more than I could possibly have ever imagined about these platforms, and how to grow my followings.


Get this.


The course devoted an entire day’s lesson to each of the following platforms:


The Fast-Track Course contains thorough lessons, filled with detailed information, that you’ll have access to for at least two years for reference purposes, whenever you want them.


I joined Twitter at the very end of June, obviously with zero followers. It took me weeks to write my first tweet. It was July 13th, actually. And now…




As of the day I wrote this post, I currently have 1483 Twitter followers. Take a look and follow along with me. This growth is all thanks to Pete and Heather Reese’s course.


5 ways make money blogging step by step guide start blog


Don’t get me wrong.


I did all the work. And there was a lot of work to do. But this dynamic duo told me step-by-step exactly what to do in order to succeed. And, I did it. I must admit, although I have several years of university courses under my belt, this course had (and continues to have) me more excited than any course I’ve ever enrolled in. It’s a take-action kind of course, so if blogging is an area of interest, consider your options. This just may be one of the best decisions you ever make.


KEY 5: Did I Really Make Money Blogging?


As a matter of fact, I did. The first day I saw a number other than $0.00, I almost fell off my chair. It was a whooping $0.42. I know, I know. I can’t even buy a chocolate bar with that, and I love chocolate.


No doubt about it:


This was nothing to write home about. But, this was when I didn’t know what I was doing. This was just one day in the beginning. That said, I’m going keep this one short because I claim no expertise in this subject area. But what I do know is this: ads and sponsorships generate income. I am living proof that the system really works.


But here’s the thing.


If you don’t follow the other 4 ‘key steps’ as outlined above, this step will not be a success for you. You’ve got to be willing to put in the work, write quality content, and grow your followings. If you’re willing to put this kind of work in, the quickest way to success is by not reinventing the wheel. Who has time for that, anyway? I don’t mind making mistakes, but if learning from the mistakes of others can move my business in the right direction and fast, then sign me up.


As if that’s not enough:


Ask yourself this:
*Am I serious about a blogging business?
*Do I want to make money blogging?
*Am I willing to put in a lot of hard work?
*Do I understand that my efforts will likely correlate with my level of success?


If you answered yes to these, you’re likely a perfect fit for the Fast-Track Course.


Now ask yourself this:
*Am I serious about blogging but have a million questions?
*Do I want to make money blogging but I’m not even sure what to expect?
*Am I willing to put in the hard work but I don’t know where to start?
*Do I understand that my efforts will likely correlate with my level of success?


If you answered yes to these, you might want to start with the free 5-Day Crash Course.


By the way.


If you’ve made it this far, I am proud of you. And you know what? I believe in you. No matter what choice you make today, you can be successful if you’re willing to work, you have a focus, and have determination and perseverance.


I cannot emphasize enough.


If you were ever looking for a course to kick-start your blog, or switch it into overdrive and make money blogging, these courses are exactly what you need in your life.


The bottom line?


If even a part of you is excited about creating your own blog, or growing a blog you already have, you owe it to yourself to sign up for the 5-day course. If you aspire to make money blogging and you’re ready for the 30-day course instead, you will not be disappointed.


Let me know in the comments below which course you chose. I love spreading happiness and positivity, so if you need a little more of that in your life right now, check out my 15-Day Happy Challenge.

Until next time…

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