From Butt Sketches to Candy ~ 20+ Wedding Favours Guests Will Love

From Butt Sketches to Candy ~ 20+ Wedding Favours Guests Will Love

From Butt Sketches to Candy ~ 20+ Wedding Favours Guests Will Love

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Wedding season is just around the corner and if you’re in the midst of planning your wedding, you’re likely overwhelmed with decisions. Who do we invite? What will we do for food? Do we give out wedding favours? If so, what will they be? How will we keep our guests and their children entertained? Where can I find a to-do checklist? The list goes on…


Over the next few weeks, I’m going to help you answer all those questions, but for today we’re going to take a look at popular wedding favours to consider giving your guests.


The top six will also include the pros and cons of each option. Then you’ll find a list of other ideas for you to consider.


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Now just to be clear, I am not a wedding planner, and I don’t claim to be any sort of wedding expert. However, I work part-time at a gorgeous wedding venue in Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley: the Old Orchard Inn. Working several weddings each year, I have seen a lot wedding ‘wins’ and a lot of wedding-ideas-gone-wrong.


I recently put out a question on my Facebook Page, asking for feedback on the best/worst wedding favours given. Today’s ideas will include some of those things, along with the pros and cons of each decision. Please note: these are in no particular ranking order.


#1: Bottle of Wine

Surrounded by vineyards, the people of the Annapolis Valley are no strangers to wine — and lots of it. If you like to test your hand at crafting your own wine, this might be an option you’d like to entertain as your wedding favours.


Bottle of Wine Pros:


⇒ Giving a bottle of wine is a great gift for wine drinkers. These folks are certainly not leaving this favour behind. In fact, you’ll probably find them going around at the end of the night to collect bottles others may have left.


⇒ The other great thing about a bottle of wine is that it’s consumable. As much as your guests love you, they may not want more stuff that they feel obligated to display. So wine is pretty much a win-win… if you like wine. Which bring me to:


Bottle of Wine Cons:


⇒ You should know your guests. If they are wine drinkers, they will be very excited about this favour. If they aren’t, it won’t be much of a hit.


⇒ Unless you’re making your own wine, this option could also push you over your wedding-favour budget.


⇒ Finally, nobody wants a scene at their wedding. Right? If your wedding is in a public venue, be sure your guests understand the liquor licensing. Unless you, the couple, have purchased a liquor licence for the evening, your guests will not be able to open their wine at the wedding. Otherwise it will be confiscated, and that’s not the way you want your guests to remember your special day or your special gift. Right?


⇒ If you plan to go with this option, you might consider giving guests their wedding favours as they leave.


#2: Personalized Wine Glass (Or Mason Jar)

If you’re not sure whether you have a wine-loving crowd, you might consider personalized (or not) wine glasses as your wedding favours. Stemless glasses are great for any drink, so they’re sure to get used.


If you like the idea of personalized glasses but wine isn’t your thing, go for mason jars. Mason jars being used as drinking mugs has recently increased in popularity. Not only are they durable, but you’ll be right on trend with this useful gift.


Wine Glass/Mason Jar Pros:


⇒ Seriously, who can’t use another glass? The biggest pro with this gift is, it’s trendy yet useful. For all the weddings I’ve seen this done at, it’s a rare occasion these wedding favours are left behind.


Wine Glass/Mason Jar Cons:


⇒ From the feedback I received on my wedding favours question, there was some consensus that not everyone likes their favours personalized. If you’re having a lot of guests and you’re not really close, this might be something you consider. That said, it’s your wedding.


#3: Jars of Jam or Honey

No matter the time of year, preserves of this kind can always be enjoyed. Small jars with decorative lids, or personalized messages can even brighten your wedding decor. With so many flavours to choose from, your wedding favours could be a simple selection of one, or an extensive variety throughout the tables.

Jars of Jam or Honey Pros:


⇒ These are tasty treats that everybody loves and since they are consumable, your guests will appreciate it. Rarely are these wedding favours ever left behind.


⇒ Also, they are unique. A simple gesture, this wedding favour option isn’t often used. But when it is, it will have your guests talking.


Jars of Jam or Honey Cons:


⇒ Time: If you plan on making preserves yourself, along with the jarring and labelling, you better set aside some time or call in the reinforcements.


⇒ Money: This favour could get a little costly depending on how many guests you have. Unless someone in your family owns a bee farm, or loves making jams and jellies, purchasing these wedding favours could get costly.


#4: Jars of Maple Syrup

Maple syrup is very popular where we live and many people tap their own trees. Stereotypically Canadian, it’s a sweet treat to give and often comes in a beautiful maple leaf bottle.


Jars of Maple Syrup Pros:


⇒ It’s tasty. Do you really need another reason?


⇒ If you answered yes, maple syrup is also consumable. People like that. And because the bottle it comes in is just so darn cute, your guests might even find themselves putting it on display after the syrup is long gone.


Jars of Maple Syrup Cons:


⇒ None… Other than it’s sticky. Or, if you have kids, they may eat it all in one sitting. But these aren’t really reasons not to give out maple syrup, right?


⇒ In all fairness, maple syrup can get a bit costly. So depending on your budget, although an excellent idea, it’s likely to put a little dent in your pocketbook.


#5: Candy Boxes / Candy Bar

This has got to be one of my favourite wedding favours. It’s a simple choice with tons of options. I’ve seen so many different candy ideas over the years, I’ve lost count. Here are a couple of my favourite:

This candy box was filled with all things mint. The label read: Mint to Be

Wedding Favours guests love


This box was filled with Herseys Hugs and Kisses with a label that read: Happily Ever After.

Wedding favours guests love


Instead of a candy box on the dinner table, some couples will decide to have a candy bar set up where guests can help themselves to their favourite candy throughout the evening. This is a great alternative and something you can have a lot of fun with setting up.


Candy Boxes and Bar Pros:


⇒ Everything about this idea screams, yes! Simple, cute, tasty and consumable. I’ve never seen this option fail.


Candy Boxes and Bar Cons:


⇒ I’ve got to be honest with you. I have a sweet-tooth and might be a little bias here, but re-read the pros. How can there be any cons?


⇒ Of course, if you have people unable to consume sugar, this option could be considered a poor choice. But the great thing is, you can practically get sugar-free anything. So yeah, I’m leaning back toward the no-cons-for-this option.


⇒ EXCEPTION: If you happen to be someone who likes to make a statement and leave people talking long after the event is over, you’ll probably not opt for candy boxes. If candy is still on your mind though, go for the candy bar option and up the ante a little.


#6: The Butt Sketch

The most unique answer I received on my Facebook Page question about wedding favours was the Butt Sketch. I know, I know, you’re probably thinking the same thing I did. Ummmm, what the heck’s a Butt Sketch? And, do I really want that as a favour?


Well, the quick answer is yes. This neat idea provides an artist who does a live sketch of each of your guests. Then they receive the sketch at the end of the night to take home as their favour.


Because I can’t do the explanation justice, it’s easiest if you just head over to The Sassy Southern and see the results for yourself, along with ways to incorporate your wedding day into your home decor.


Butt Sketch Pros:


⇒ Let me just say, I have worked at a lot of weddings over the past several years and I have never seen a favour like this before. It’s kinda a show stopper.


⇒ If you’re looking for something memorable, a conversation piece, or unique yet trendy, the Butt Sketch should probably top your list of ideas for wedding favours.


Butt Sketch Cons:


⇒ This is just the most interesting wedding favour I could have ever imagined. The only con is not taking this option and having someone else be the talk of the town when they choose it. Seriously, I cannot imagine any guest who wouldn’t love this idea.


Other Wedding Favours To Consider

Here’s a quick list of other wedding favours I’ve seen or were suggested on my Facebook Page. I’m not giving a description or a list of pros and cons, but I thought I’d throw in a few more ideas in case you weren’t feeling the ones above.

*A deck of cards (with personalized case)

*Wine stoppers

*Personalized matchbooks

*Shot glasses

*Bottle openers

*Key chains

*Mini flasks


*Personalized pencils

*Personalized golf balls

*Beta fish in a bowl (I’m not kidding)

*Miniature photo frames



*Tea lights and/or holders

*Small plants


If the idea of wedding favours becomes too stressful, just remember: your guests are there to celebrate your special day. Although a wedding favour is a nice gesture, it isn’t necessary, and may end up being something you choose to cut out.


I hope this list gave you a little insight into the wedding favours available to you. The decision is never easy but you’ll make the right choice in the end.


Don’t forget to follow along with me for updates on more wedding information coming soon. It’s easy. Just enter your email below.


I love my readers’ feedback so if there is an awesome favour you’d love to see added to the list, let me know. Join in the conversation. What was the best/worst/most creative wedding favour you’ve every received?


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