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Hi! My name is Rachel, creator of Switch into Drive, and I like to focus on positive perspectives! Throughout our journey of travel, play, and life experiences, I hope my readers will aspire to a life of happiness! If they feel like they’re stuck in neutral, I’m inspiring them to shift the gears on life, take the leap, and Switch into Drive.

I am a committed mom of two wonderful daughters, 5 and 11, and loving every minute of motherhood. I work hard to teach my girls not only how to appreciate the tangibles and opportunities they have been given, but also to understand that when you choose to strive for a life filled with happiness, you’ll always find the silver lining. Much of my site will naturally fall in line with parenting and the healthy lifestyle required to stay positive when you wear one of many hats!

I’m a creative writer who takes pride in well-edited final drafts. I like to write with ‘voice’ as it comes naturally, but can easily adjust to the format a piece of writing might otherwise require.

I believe that knowledge is power, and the more you know the better your eyes to see the world through. This is why I am considering work with travel opportunities in the near future. Not only will it provide first-hand knowledge I could never learn from a book, but it will also provide another opportunity for my creative writing to venture along another avenue.

I have also started my own vlog, and am interested in creating video reviews and perhaps more.

I would love to partner with you to create exciting, fun, family-friendly content that will help my readers become inspired to Switch into Drive. If your product, services or event will encourage a positive perspective amidst this crazy journey we call life, then I’d be excited to partner up.

I look forward to hearing from you!


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